• K8UO 147.180 (FM)
  • 100Hz CTCSS
  • EchoLink - 138310
  • K8UO 444.775 (C4FM)
  • System Fusion
The Utica Shelby Emergency Communications Association board consists club officers and shal be: President, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Secretary, and Treasurer. Only members who have been in good standing for the preceding six months, and who are licensed amateurs at the time of election shall be eligible to run for office. Current club offices are...

Jim, K8JEH
Vice President
Recording Secretary
Jerry, N8KLX
Membership Secretary
Brenda, N8AQ
Martin, KE8QHQ
Past President
Jim, WI8W

Board Member
Bill, N8SA
Board Member
John, N8KAN

Board Member